Upstron OÜ
Pärna 10-84, Tartu
50604 Estonia

EORI ID# EE11621685
VAT ID# EE101362841

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10 Years in the Industry. Now with the New Name

In 2010 we celebrated 10 years in the meat industry. It's a big term. Logistics & procurement technologies have changed dramatically during those days. Now we live in a new information era and face this fact every day.

In March 2009 we moved all our activities to Estonia. We have started to provide newly branded services from January 2010 thanks to company's rebranding into Upstron OÜ. So now we can provide our customers and trading partners with a European quality service securely regulated by EU-rules.

Our Activities

Our valued customers choose Upstron as their procurement agent to guarantee supplies in terms of a low offer, rising prices etc. Upstron efficiency allow our customers to have better prices, constant shipments & serviced delivery.

Many of Upstron customers believe, that their business is production and processing, but not logistics. And they are 100% right. Upstron provides them with efficient procurement solutions without bureaucracy and paperwork. It's just about commodity and volume required. We do all the rest as and effective outsourced logistics agent.

We are glad to see you among our customers & partners. Please contact Upstron OÜ today.